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3 star rating

editor's review

Insurance audit across the country

Nationwide is rated 2.9/5 by WalletHub editors based on customer reviews, sample insurance quotes, and ratings from organizations such as J.D. Energy and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Consumer reviews across the country often focus on good customer service and fast claims payments. Additionally, the NAIC rating is 1.07, which means that Nationwide has received fewer claims than the average auto insurance provider. The company was accredited by the BBB in 1955.

National Insurance Assessment

  • Reviews about WalletHub:3.7/5
  • J. D. Power:4.1/5
  • NAIK:1.07
  • BBB:A+
  • S&P:ONE
  • Moody´s:A1

Destaques do National Auto Insurance Review

rang— Most expensive quartile among major auto insurers, according to WalletHub Price Comparison.

Main discounts -SmartRide® (up to 40%), multiple policies, good student, safe driving and anti-theft.

Basic coverage options— Personal Injury Liability, Property Damage Liability, Medical Payments, Personal Injury Coverage, Collision Damage Waiver, Collision and Uninsured/Underinsured Driver.

Additional Coverage Options —Accident Exemption, Travel Assistance, Disappearance Deductible and Total Loss Deductible Exemption.

Special Car Policies —Classic car and commercial vehicle insurance.

To help drivers better understand how much car insurance costs across the country, WalletHub editors were given samples of car insurance quotes across the country for a mix of driver profiles of different ages and driving styles. For more information on these sample offerings, see the Methodology section of ourInsurance audit across the country.

Nationwide auto insurance quotes

driver profileaverage price
18 years$305/month
21 years$159/month
45 years$84/month
45 years with traffic ticket$124/month
45 year old male with a DUI$206/month
55 years$81/month
65 years old$84/month

In terms of price, national car insurance is more expensive than most of its competitors. The company is in the bottom quartile of WalletHub's price ranking.

However, Nationwide's car insurance options are pretty basic and their list of discounts is relatively limited compared to other car insurers. But Nationwide makes it convenient to bundle auto insurance with other types of policies, making it a one-stop shop.

Unfortunately, there is no state auto insurance in Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana or Massachusetts.

Highlights of the National Home Insurance Review

Nationwide offers homeowners and renters insurance, as well as discounts to match other Nationwide insurance policies.

National home insurance protects your home and personal belongings against fire damage, weather damage, and other perils. It also protects you in case of litigation related to insured damage to your property.

Likewise, nationwide renters insurance protects your personal belongings from theft or damage. It also covers medical expenses for guests who are injured while visiting a property you rent, as well as the cost of temporary accommodation if your home needs repairs.

In general, homeowners and renters insurance policies across the country provide reliable coverage at a reasonable price.

Conclusion: Is Nationwide a good insurance company?

Yes, Nationwide is a good insurance company and receives a 2.9/5 rating from WalletHub. In addition to strong auto insurance coverage, Nationwide offers a wide range of personal and business insurance products, as well as banking/investment services and retirement plans.

Some of Nationwide's most exciting features are the highly rated mobile app and the free annual trial of On Your Side®, where an insurance specialist reviews your existing policies to ensure you are adequately protected. However, Nationwide could offer more in terms of coverage variety. For more information, check out the full WalletHubnational review🇧🇷 You can also read some of the other consumer reviews below.

Products:national auto insurance


Sammy Pervisaj


Worst car insurance I've ever had, I have full coverage and yet they don't cover an OEM windshield, I'm told they only cover a replacement windshield. Vampire.





2 star rating

Nationwide Insurance Inc. does not prioritize customer service. I filed two claims for hail damage, both claims were denied and told my damage was normal wear and tear, my roof was only 10 years old. Do your research before deciding on a homeowner's policy with Nationwide Insurance

Products:national residential insurance


Justin Ver


1 star rating

They mailed a check for my repairs and never heard from the designated agent for my claim. The garage my car was in was unable to fix the gearbox issue due to the accident. So I had to order another towing service from a transmission specialist. He left multiple messages, did not return the agent's call. Awful customer service, geico is $50 more per month but we will make it worth it for the great customer service. It's not worth it nationally.

Products:national auto insurance


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wild girl


2 star rating

I'm a 51 year old woman with a perfect driver's license. I was with Nationwide for about 6 years. However, due to circumstances, I had to return to California from Arizona. I only had liability insurance for my vehicle. I was paying $66 a month but when I got back to California my liability insurance went up to $118 a month because I still hadn't registered my car in California. However, I still didn't have a job that would allow me to register my car in California. So why does Nationwide decide to pay me a nickel and dime? As I said, I have a perfect driving record and have never made any complaints. After paying $118 for 4 months without a job, I had no choice but to sell my car. At least I'm lucky that a friend allows me to drive his vehicle. They added me to insurance for an extra $3 a month.

Products:national auto insurance




1 star rating

Nationwide was awful in handling my natural disaster claim. Pablo, the claims adjuster, refuses to answer my calls or return my calls. His manager, Adam, lied to me. I will report this to my health insurance regulatory company. As soon as my house is fixed, I will take out new insurance immediately. If I could give zero stars I would.

Products:national residential insurance


Cecilia Kendall

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1 star rating

I'm a 67 year old driver with excellent driving records and have only driven 8000 miles in three years. My monthly premium was $180 and Nationwide added $15 each month if I was late. I've always been late with my payments because I'm on Social Security and I'm on a very tight budget. I went to Hartford and they got me more coverage for $101 a month. Across the country, assaults on the elderly are committed without a weapon.

Products:national auto insurance




1 star rating

I regret switching to Nationwide a month ago. I just changed them back because they were nothing but trouble. My credit card gets a credit of $9 or $7 or a random amount every few days when nothing is owed. I set up automatic payments and got the wrong (smallest) amount. Then the next day more accredited, and the next. Now the amount they received in 4 transactions exceeds the amount owed! Do you have a Natuinwide computer? Totally confused; completely dispersed. I am filing a complaint with my state's DOI as even a personal home inspection has been requested and no one has called to make an appointment. He showed up unannounced and said they needed access to my house. I don't know who YOU ​​ARE and I have never had an inspection for a new policy! I will NOT allow unknown strangers into my home. completely incompetent

Products:national residential insurance




1 star rating

Terrible safe!! They canceled my family's car policy because they transferred to a different new local agent. We contacted the new local agent who assured us that the policy will not be cancelled. We later found out that it was indeed cancelled. When we called the new auto insurers to cover us, they raised our rate from $230 a month statewide to $600 for the gap that was NOT our fault. Avoid this company at all costs!

Products:national auto insurance



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johannes dick


1 star rating

Nationwide used to be a big company with their advertising on their page. I have them as my insurance company and I just had an accident. You have not represented me in any way. I never looked at my car but got an invoice from the other shop and paid without further ado. Including the damage I didn't do. They don't really take into account their customers' rate increases and only pay what is sent to resolve the complaint. What a big disappointment!!

Products:national auto insurance





1 star rating

Fraudulent and predatory insurer. I applied for home insurance and my claim was accepted, so I provided the payment information and assumed we were stuck. Upon the results of my home inspection, it was discovered that the type of wiring in my new home made my application ineligible, according to the national underwriter administering the policy. I told them I understood and would look elsewhere for insurance. We haven't been in contact since the beginning of August. Despite this, Nationwide took care of activating my denied insurance policy and charging me the full amount of insurance after I had already obtained and paid for annual coverage elsewhere. Now they cannot issue a refund in less than 14-25 days and this has to be done via a check sent to me. I found this out after speaking to a rep, having spoken to a rep who couldn't even find my account information. Interesting how they have enough information about me to charge me $2000 for a policy that doesn't even cover my basic household needs, but not enough information to access my file at their customer service center. That's worse than stealing, it's insurance fraud. They enforced a policy to get money from me knowing full well that they would deny any claim I made based on disclosure of the wiring. Although I spoke to a very helpful rep who helped me figure this out, I can't let this go. It's terrible that this has happened and it says a lot about Nationwide's lack of organization. I would not trust them with any personal, financial or insurance information.

Products:national residential insurance




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